Le Mans 2013

Le Mans...Only Ten Days Away!!

                                           Rollercoaster Ride Words by James Edmonds/Photographs by James Edmonds, David Talbot and Thomas Murray    Emotional.  That was Le Mans 2013 in a word. She is a fickle and demanding mistress, Le… Read More

Sebring 2013 – End of an Era?

Follow the link below for story photo album! Sebring 2013 Facebook Album Sebring 2013 – End of an Era?                   By James Edmonds If you’ve been here before, you may have seen my lyrical waxing about Sebring in… Read More

Sebring 2009. Some things never change.

by James Edmonds Have you ever seen the movie, “The Speed Merchants”?  I ask, because if you have seen it, you will know what I’m talking about. If you have not seen or heard of it, it’s a… Read More

Targa 66!!

Brian Redman’s Targa 66, 2013 Targa 66 is a club not for the likes of the everyman, although we are very much welcomed by Brian and the members who are lucky enough to have achieved a status worthy… Read More

A Sleepy Little Town Called SEBRING! 2012

This article appeared in The British Marque and is reproduced with kind permission. by James Edmonds “A Sleepy Little Town Called Sebring” is how Mario Andretti once described the small town located right in the center of the… Read More

Le Mans Dream 2008.

I had been dying to go to Le Mans since I was a kid. My friend Roger Stowers always used to go, but for whatever the reason, I never was able to make the trip. The music to… Read More