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The Motorsport Diaries is dedicated to bringing our readers the most interesting and compelling stories and photography from the world of motor racing.  Our passion is to bring those stories to light which give our readers unique insight to the cars, garages, pits, teams and most importantly the people of Motorsport.  We focus on Endurance & Sports Car Racing in addition to special motorsport events, stories and personalities.  In addition, we have close relationships with seasoned motorsport writers and storytellers who have been covering motorsport for over 45 years! You will see their content and stories published here as well from time to time.

Our stories and photos are where The Motorsport Diaries stands out from other news driven sites….

Our drive and purpose is to go more in depth and cover the characters and personalities who made this sport and bring you along with us to experience our adventures that perpetually drive and fuel our passion!

Connecting with the teams and people that you want to hear from and investigating the cars and technology that they design, work on and drive is what we do!  The stories of this family…  the Motorsport family, leave their mark on the sport and earn a place in The Motorsport Diaries.

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          James Edmonds                                     Thomas Murray

 James Edmonds John Hindaugh               Thomas Murray in Silverstone with WEC Louise Beckett